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Alabama Event Group FREE Exhibitor Kit

How do we get Brides in front of you?

Simple…. Marketing!!!!!

We advertise with an extensive coverage on the World Wide Web linking with several of the top search engine sites including popular sites such as and. Television, Radio and News Paper ads are other avenues of advertisement we use as our own poster and brochures.



· An estimated 40% of all brides attend bridal shows for their planning needs

· Brides make up 40% of our overall attendance

· Nearly 50% of our attendees are planning for an event 6 months or more in the future

· Nearly 30% of our attendee’s event is 3-6 months away


At Alabama Event Group Bridal Shows, we provide you with the ultimate way to meet today’s future bride. We start with a large, conveniently located venue and transform them into a vibrant marketplace that brings together everything for the wedding under one roof. We create excitement with an extensive multimedia-advertising program, unique promotions, and thousands of dollars in gifts and prizes. The result is the area’s premier bridal event…and especially in today’s challenging economy, your business needs to be a part of it!

Face to face contact with your target market is the #1 benefit of participating in a bridal show, and Alabama Event Group will help deliver to you the bride who is serious about planning her wedding! A reasonable admission charge insures that many brides who attend each bridal show will be qualified customers, customers who are searching for wedding professionals who will help her make her wedding day dream come true.



Today’s bride wants to meet you at our Bridal Show & on our web site

Remind them that you met them at one of the Alabama Event Group bridal shows.

· Bridal Shows are an excellent opportunity to network with fellow bridal businesses. A good time to do that is during set-up times. Please do not interfere with another exhibitor while the show is in process.

· Exhibitors will be able to sell directly to the public at the Bridal Show. You are welcome to bring products for immediate sales, sign contracts, accept deposits, etc. just as you would in your own shop.

· All attendants will wear “Bride” stickers so you can locate the brides among all the guests that will attend

· A complete list of all brides who pre-registered, bought tickets or received discount coupons will be available to exhibitors only the day of the show: this list will be sent by email within one week of event. The list will consist of all brides wedding date, name, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses when supplied.

· The Alabama Event Group Bridal Shows is an opportunity to feature your business in one central location on an equal basis with your competitors.

· All Alabama Event Group exhibitors will be listed on Alabama Event Group web site in the exhibitor’s page, seen by over hundreds of visitors a month.

· Best of all, according to past and regular exhibitors – our Bridal Shows produce results.




Alabama Event Group offers a sponsorship opportunity to businesses that would like the ultimate way to connect with future clients. Becoming a sponsor for one of our events not only gets you a regular size booth at one of our shows, but also ads your company name and logo to ALL advertisements including Radio, Television, News Paper, Web Site Linking and our Printed Material of Brochures, Posters and Flyers. We also include an opportunity during our fashion shows to have a representative from your company to address the guests or have our Emcee to read information about your company. We offer approximately 5 minutes to each sponsor during this time to describe their business or to interact with the guests as they see fit to help generate future business. Sponsorship Packages start at $1000 per event with deadlines of 90 days before event date.

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